Our Story

What's up! 

I am the founder and owner of Texas Cable KING, my name is Francisco Gonzalez, but everyone calls me Pancho. I have been a musician for about 20 years.  For the last few years I kept asking God what other purpose he had for me, because I knew there was something else He wanted me to do.  Texas Cable KING was an idea that God placed in my heart for a while and through much prayer and seeking His guidance Texas Cable KING went from an idea to reality.  I began working right away.  I wanted to build the best cable a musician could ever want.  With the word "KING" I knew I had to offer our customers nothing but the highest quality materials and components on the market.  After much research I decided on CANARE, NEUTRIK GOLD, & TECHFLEX.  

I could not have made this dream a reality without the help of God, of course, but also without the support of my lovely wife Veronica and my baby girl Nati.  My wife has been so supportive in everything I've ever done.  I love you!

I look forward to being able to provide you with the best cable you have ever owned. Thank you for your support! 

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